Eyegasm, Hallelujah!

by Sunpocrisy

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Eyegasm 09:29
Breathe in, inspire the essence, shining flicker over you. Moving slowly, lungs are taking shape like rising blossoms, this is your rebirth. Your path is complete. Fakir of life, you are the master of the breathing, and we are the answer to your thousand questions. « Is there something more? Something else exist? » Dazed, detached, bewildered vision. « I feel the eyes paralyzed! I feel the lungs! They're taking shape! Abstract is the way to spread my form. Is there something more? Is there something different from what I've learned? Death is the rebirth. » Take my failures, please forgive me. Forgive the ashes of my past, and take my presence as the answer. This life, in every single moment, it gives a principle. Every single second, we're asking ourselves « Who Am I? » But we're not the one who asks. We spent our days on written arrangements of generating flutes, stripping king's cuffs embroidery, connecting the semiotics that lays between the A and the Ω. Be able to die. Be the sum of all the senses. Now you have just passed the edge. Where there's no place to go, nothing to ask, nothing to believe, nothing to hope, nothing to be afraid of, nothing to fear. We used to climb high, on the knowledge mountain. Deeply rooted is the tree. As you failed, you can rise again, so take this emptiness for yourself.
To go beyond is wrong, as to fall short Greetings and salutations Eyes so bright, in vain, searching for some rest, blind as mine. Separate your substance, you'll rule the distance. Divided, you will own the swaying. « Shining from the abyss I am the star, I'm trembling. Sun rays will converge, I'm the center. Tell me: how can I strive to be the disciple? I starve so, to become one with the sun. » This painless sacrifice is not the end. Burdens left behind, weightless flight.
Eternitarian 11:17
Mind is the only remaining of what I was, before now. Passing through the path of my purification. Now we're standing here, colliding of the past and future. ‘Was the path of our life, that started from the ocean. Now bring it to the skyline, to the stars and over. Scale the trail, and seek the answer divided from the question. Learning subverts a pale, shading fate. Breathe in, inspire the essence. Shining flicker over you. Can we break the silence that drains me? We can elevate the dream of becoming one. As we fall, we can rise in a new form. A sparkling awareness is the triumph of senses, that shows the way. We have to take sorrow and pain we've made, leave them behind and start again. Can we remain under the sun, under this fading light? It's our time, to cross the line, to cross the edge inside.
Still silent, is the sleeping of the body resting. In this silence, facing our time, can we try to be heard?
Soft as silk the shell becomes the wheel. Intertwine our tiny stems, We rest. Morphing feathers, splendor of the great movement. Vibrant colors, circles multiply its grandeur. Seize the shades and store them in your eyes. Comprehend mutating semantics. Staring at the sleeping peacock. Glad to be a part of the awakening. What we missed? How many lives left there? These empty steps lead us here, this far. Since We pretended to be kings, of a life we lived as surrogates, just to be across the edge, begging for a different end. But with broaden eyes we changed our way of perceiving what we have today; just to be across the edge, nothing ends, the seed is wet.  Shape the nest and cherish the gift. And you'll see that digging is flying. And then he woke up... « Is standing! Sing the praises, louder! » In this unfolding path, we are the feathers. As a covey, We fly through the white unknown. As a thousand, just one will become the drenching sword. In silence, passing through orchards, We searched for this light, for this wonder. I'm awake, magnificent and cruel. Seven jars are empty. Sorrow is weakness.
« I am the summoned peacock I am the synthesis of all the arts I am the eve of the chosen and as the one, I am the body. » The sum of thousand have made a perfect, shapeless, spirit made of light The feathers celebrate the new born As their eyes, I'm looking at the past, ex-posed. All, perished. Signs on my paws, showing all the scars (wounds mended), passing time (black wrinkles), broken nails (still are stabbed), sacrifices reward my efforts Our frequency divides us and the interval is less than the one. We're one, we're all, but if we are all, we're nothing. Let the circles blend. Preened coat, shallow sight. But sharp eyes see the shame underneath. This beauty is useless. May the perfection dwell in two? I'm revived! Truth unveiled! As the one, I'm the half of a greater design. Huge Enormous Impetus, shivers of a rising will, instinct dominating flesh, craving for the purest rain. It's red! I will face and shred the space Together we instill light. Staring at the sleeping feathers. Thanks, to be a part of the awakening...
They, here again Whispered mantra comes from the Earth Dressed in festive garments in the end they speak: « You come so far, finally Fluid as the water itself is the stream of knowledge Enjoy the view! » I see the others motionless While throwing themselves against me. Don't mind, care less, no idle hands Green, the mantle made by tiny grass. Blue, the welkin pigmentation shines Eyes are wide enough to absorb the beauty. Moving further I'm entering the bright White the skin that draws the shape of you Crimson, a drop is gently flowing down Bliss of wooden-crafted veins Roots and Branches, woven To steal a crack to gravel the nails are sapping. I will become the one who can exhale without a single doubt again. All the air I kept for this, I can't deny the needing The feast, the swirling feeding will be the only one. I've spent my days trying to sneak through needle eye I was my rebirth, fakir of life the trembling star under the sun I've crossed the edge Feathers as shell, body prevails, vanity fails. The perfection dwells in two, desire leads me. « Time to farewell. See? Open doors await and you don't need us anymore, go! Glorious is the end of this crumbling land Reach your missing side Two as one. Goodbye. »
Hallelujah! 10:24
Sensing your fleeing traces Wet lymph incoming Closer than before and further Closer then beyond and farther I am in front of you You, with your shaking breath We, divided for so, so long Let our passion inflames the wild. Can you see the perfect melting of the colors we are made of? As the instinct, so the feelings makes us burn in a vortex of rare and infinite cohesion The throbbing light will scan the ardor This mad rush to the peak will be our mortal blow As a single vision, a portion of truth is left behind. Since the fruit's been taken, the halves reunite Two parts of the same thing. This exhausting chase is collimating Where we are pleasure has no limits Flying over waves, I'm inspiring smells of freedom but now you are me, I am you. Sphinx of black quartz, judge my vow All we adore, the end I stare at the perfect shape we design Vanishing, we can die.


released November 1, 2015

Music by Jonathan Panada and Matteo Bonera.
Concept and lyrics by S. Gritti, J. Panada and M. Bonera.
Produced by Sunpocrisy between August 2014 and June 2015.
Recorded by Riccardo Pasini @Studio 73 Ravenna (IT)
Mastered by Collin Jordan @The Boiler Room Studio Chicago (IL, USA)


all rights reserved



Sunpocrisy Brescia, Italy

Overwhelming, stellar and progressive post-mental eargasm: a multi-layered dichotomy between superb melodic sections & roaring wall of sound.

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